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Welcome to Sports Empire

Sports Empire is your ultimate authority in delivering sports and special event packages. Offering a lineup of the biggest and most exciting sporting events throughout North America –combined with a proven history of delivering the most complete and hassle free packages – Sports Empire offers the professional travel community the best value for customized sports and special event packages.

Our reputation has been built on over thirty years of consistently delivering value...and never failing to deliver an event ticket. This strength, combined with our reliable personalized service and attention to detail makes Sports Empire the industry's true empire in sports travel.
Please note we are a Tour Operator offering packages only - not individual components.

Upcoming Event Highlights


2017 Calgary Stampede

July 7-16, 2017 – Calgary, Alberta

Enjoy the Excitement of the Calgary Stampede!

2017 Baseball All-Star Game

July 10-12, 2017 – Miami, FL

The annual MLB all-star showcase comes to San Diego!

2016 US Open Tennis Manhattan

August 29 - September 11 – Queens, New York

Mix your matches with customizable day packages!

2016 US Grand Prix

October 24-26, 2016 – Austin, Texas

Experience the 1st US Grand Prix in Austin!